The Small Things Amount For The Bigger Things

It is very simple logic that we do not see. When we are going to have someone over to look at our house. We make sure it is spot less and clean. But, sometimes we forget the fact that they are there we have to entertain them too. We have to give them something to eat. Only after they settle, we send our husband or boyfriend to get something to eat and drink. It is human nature to over look small simple things.
In your house, when it is your friend then it is okay because your friend will understand you and they would pretty much know you well and bring food by themselves but this is not the same thing when it happens in your office setting. Small things you would have over looked will cost you a deal.
Many people when they are meeting a client or potential business partners or sponsors, mostly they try to meet in posh restaurants. It is because when your client or business sponsor see your office and you have left a small thing like office cleaning Dubai, out of your mind, but they will probably notice it. If the food or whatever is being served is posh but it is hard to give the food a posh loom because it is in your office.
The way you treat your employees always matters. They are so many obstacles in making someone accept them in their own settings because women and men are humans and are filled with flaw and faults. Another big point is human are insecure until they know they are the one who is in control and power.
There are sometimes, people would love to meet someone in neutral settings for both because it is easier to act like the perfect gift to them when it is in neutral settings. This is something we an see in all relationships and people. You will never find people meeting in clean houses becoming too close because these people are intruding their private stuff.
Personally, it can be seen that people are wearing a mask as Carl Jung puts it’s in other words as persona. When people fell threatened they left their own self and get into the character of someone else stronger and more powerful. We are humans and we are filled with defence mechanisms. We need each other to live but we will have to start trusting each other which is like one of the hardest things to do because of the cheater and lairs who have made their home in every human. It’s time to change ourselves and love each other with out hidden intentions.