On The Hunt For A Kindergarten? Tips For You!

Being a parent is tough stuff. Just as you get out of cleaning up dirty diapers, feeding battles and sleepless nights, you enter the next era which is starting the first phase of their school lives. Seeing as how research has shown the first six years of a child’s life is instrumental in setting the road for the rest of their years, this is one of the most important decisions you will make. Of course it is tough accustoming to the fact that your little bundle of joy is now all-grown up, but they will learn so much, make new friends and learn independence bit by bit which is a joy to watch. Just like any other parent you want the best for your child, so where do you start when looking for a kindergarten?


We live in a world that is fortunately full of options more than it ever has been. Which means that as much as it can tough making a decision, you also have plenty to choose from. When scouring through the best nursery schools, start off with location. If you are wondering why this is too important, well for starters think about when your child might suddenly fall sick and the school needs you to come in. What will they do if you are really far away? If you are a single parent this is especially important since you are the only person they can contact. Whether it is close to your home or workplace, make sure you choose an easy location.


Some nurseries in JLT have bigger classes whilst others smaller. It is best to have a look at the class size before enrolling them because it does have an impact. Smaller class sizes are better since this means each child gets more attention and a higher chance to learn. When classes are too big, seeing as how this is a classroom full of toddlers, it can be tough for the teacher to handle them all equally. You should think about how your child will learn if there are too many kids competing for attention at the same time. Request to have a look at a classroom in session when you make a visit.


This is of course one of the most important factors when deciding between the best nursery schools in Abu Dhabi. After all, teachers are the drivers of their early childhood education and there is so much you have to look into. Firstly, education; you want to know that your child’s teacher is educated and qualified to serve in their role successfully. This is followed by experience which you can also find out when making your enquiries. Furthermore, you should also find out how many years they have been serving in this capacity since this will give you an insight into how reliable they are with children.


Your most powerful tool is research and there are plenty of places you can look at. To begin with, check online since people also leave reviews and comments on forums which are active threads of people all going through the same experience so you will be able to get a comprehensive look into each school. Go through websites that will help you look at the curriculum they are adopting along with what other activities they incorporate for the healthy development of their child. Shortlist the most promising ones, and then pay a personal visit before you make your decision.