Habits That Can Damage Your Skin Badly

When compared to many parts of your body, your skin is the most sensitive area. This is due to the fact that it is directly exposed to various environmental conditions. Due to this reason, the skin is more likely to get damaged than any other part of the body. This does not just happen due to bad climate conditions, but also due to your own ignorance. In this case, make sure to avoid the following unhealthy habits right now. Link here http://www.biolitedubai.com/our-services/skin/ to find out more about on how to take care of your skin.


Smoking does not just affect your lungs, but it also affects your skin. When you smoke a lot, the level of oxygen delivered to your cells is reduced to a great extent. Without the necessary level of oxygen, the cells will begin to die. This will influence your skin to age prematurely. So, you will start to get blemishes and age spots at the very young age. Therefore, you must avoid smoking or at least reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke per day.

Skipping the moisturizer

People forget to apply the moisturizer due to various reasons. Some believe that it is unhealthy. If you ask the best dermatologist in town, he or she will tell you that these products are perfectly healthy and are actually essential for the preservation of the skin. You can use herbal moisturizers that contain no chemicals whatsoever. If you do not apply moisturizer, your skin become dry sooner. So, the next time you take a bath or shower, make sure to apply the moisturizer as soon as you dry yourself.

Sleeping with makeup

If you can spend hours to put on the makeup, you must be willing to spend a few minutes to take it off. Wearing makeup to bed not only damages your sheets, but it also damages your skin. Failure to remove makeup before going to bed can result in blocked pores. This will lead to pimples as well as bacterial infections. At such circumstances, you will have to refer to the best dermatologist Dubai in your area to reverse these effects. Therefore, do not forget to wipe the makeup off before you sleep.

Not drinking enough water

Individuals who do not drink enough of water suffer a great number of problems. Poor skin conditions are one such ailment that you must be concerned about. Your body requires a great deal of water to moisturize your skin from the inside out. If you do not consume at least three liters of water per day, then you skin will begin to darken and will become more susceptible for allergies.

Moreover, you must not get used to taking long, hot showers either. This habit will dry your skin by removing the natural oils on the surface.